Program Outline

15th Annual Virginia Environmental Health and Safety Conference (VEHS)

September 28-29, 2017

The Westin, Richmond, Virginia
6631 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23230 

VEHS is dedicated to industrial environmental, health and safety excellence.  Participants also explore the affordability and sustainability of regulations on the Virginia economy.  It is the premiere event of the year where Virginia industry, regulators, legislators and allies join together for sharing information, best practices and technology.


10:00AM-12:30PM              VMA Water Subcommittee Meeting (Members Only)

10:30AM-12:30PM              Safety Subcommittee Meeting (Members Only)

1:00PM–7:00PM                  Trade Show

1:00PM–2:30PM              Virginia Occupational Safety & Health (VOSH) Regulatory Workshop

This workshop with the leadership of the Virginia Department of Labor & Industry focuses on occupational safety & health matters and how employers can advance their programs. Agency Leadership will provide an overview of the topics listed below and then open the workshop up for a dialogue with the conference attendees. This is a great opportunity to engage the Agency directly.

Moderator: Chuck Stiff, Altria

  • Ray Davenport, Commissioner
  • Bill Burge, Asst. Commissioner
  • Jay Withrow, Director of Legal Services, VPP, and BLS
  • Ron Graham, Director, Health Compliance
  • Jennifer Rose, Director, Safety Compliance
  • Crystal Main, VPP Administrative Lead

2:30PM–4:30PM            Virginia DEQ Regulatory Briefing

This annual briefing by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is a favorite for conference attendees as a “one-stop shop” for updates on pending and proposed regulations of air, water, waste, climate change, land use and permit practices.

  • David Paylor, Director, VDEQ
  • James Golden, Director of Operations, VDEQ
  • Jutta Schneider, Water Planning Division Director, VDEQ
  • Melanie Davenport, Water Permitting Division Director, VDEQ
  • Tom Ballou, VDEQ
  • Anglea Conroy, VDEQ
  • Nina Butler, WestRock

4:30PM-5:00PM            Environmental Regulation Under Trump: A Report Card and What to Expect

There’s a new sheriff in town.  Donald Trump’s election as President has led to significant changes in environmental regulation for American businesses.  Some changes have taken place very quickly, with the stroke of a pen.  These actions include issuing Executive Orders and use of the Congressional Review Act.  Other changes require rulemaking under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).  The presentation focuses on what’s been done and what to expect as President Trump seeks to roll back what he calls “job killing” regulations.

Presenter: Channing Martin, Williams Mullen

5:00PM-5:30PM            2017 VMA Safety Awards *NEW*

Presenter: Dr. Victor Gray, Director of MSI Workforce Solutions

5:30PM–7:00PM            Sustainability Reception & Networking



7:30AM–12PM                     Trade Show

7:30AM–8:30AM                  Networking Breakfast

8:30AM–8:35AM                  Welcome & Introductions

8:35AM–9:15AM             VA Nutrient Regulation, Technologies & Water Reuse


  • Hicham Shaban, Vastly
  • Michael Dreiling, ARCADIS

Mr. Shaban is the Senior Vice President and Project Executive of Vastly, also known as Tranlin, Inc. He will provide a brief discussion of the environmental benefits of Vastly’s manufacturing technology and how nutrient regulations could slow or stop VA industrial development without creative market-based solutions.

Michael Dreiling, PE is a senior program manager with Arcadis.  He will discuss driving water sustainability at the Site-Level, water use reduction projects and return on investment when developing projects.

9:15AM–10:00AM           Innovations in Commercial & Industrial Lighting


  • Roger Whyte, LiteSheet Solutions
  • Ron Acorn, SONARAY LED Lighting

Presenters will discuss innovation in commercial and industrial lighting to reduce the environmental footprint, improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve competitiveness.  Panelists will discuss new LED technology that uses AC current to directly power a redundant, modular and scalable mesh of LEDs, completely eliminating the need for DC drivers, so they can be adapted for any application and lighting configuration.  Panelists will also discuss recent innovations in overhead LED lighting where “Plug and Use” Removable Power Supply design also lowers maintenance costs because replacing a driver no longer requires a certified electrician.


10:00AM–11:15AM          Coal Ash Disposal Implications for Permitting, Utilities, Manufacturers, Public Health, Ratepayers, Regulators, the Courts and the Environment


  • Tom Adams, American Coal Ash Association
  • Bill Murray, Dominion Energy
  • Danny Gray, Charah
  • Joe James, Agri-Tech Producers

There are 300 coal ash landfills and 584 lagoons at coal-fired power plants in the US.  There are an unknown number of similar sites at industrial properties and landfills across the US.  This panel of national experts will explore the overall implications of today’s hyper-politicization of coal ash disposal.  The panel will also discuss beneficial use technologies that are being used in site remediation.  Finally, the panel will discuss the broader implications of the coal ash disposal issue on all water and waste permitting programs when politics drive decisions.

11:15AM-12:00PM             US EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator Lee Forsgren

Lee Forsgren
Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Lee Forsgren is the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Mr. Forsgren focuses on a wide range of water issues including the review of the Waters of the United States rule, water infrastructure funding, and drinking water quality. Prior to joining EPA in June 2017, Mr. Forsgren worked as an attorney for HBW Resources and Nossaman LLC.  During his tenure at the firms, he provided legal and policy guidance in the areas of environmental policy, natural resources, transportation, and federal appropriations. Mr. Forsgren has also assisted corporations, industry associations and tribal organizations in their relations with Congress, the Executive Branch, and state governments. Earlier in his career, he has served as Assistant Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under the George W. Bush Administration, majority counsel for the Water Resources Subcommittee of the House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and Counsel on the Coast Guard and Maritime Subcommittee of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, a staffer to the House Committee on Natural Resources, counsel to the Subcommittee on Lands and Forestry, assistant to Congressman Don Young of Alaska and staff assistant to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. His career also includes stints advising the 2000 Trump campaign and the Bush-Cheney Transition team.  Mr. Forsgren received his J.D. from George Mason University Law School and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Mr. Forsgren is a retired Navy Reserve Commander. He grew up in Ogden, Utah and currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia.