2017 Speakers

2017 Industry Forum Speaker Bios

Gary Lynn, Ph.D. | Keynote Speaker on Friday, November 3rd

Out Innovate!

Great companies succeed and endure because they continually produce great new products, yet this is typically accomplished with major investments coupled with huge risks — approximately 60% of new products fail in the marketplace.

Professor Gary Lynn, the keynote speaker at our upcoming Industry Forum explains a major research program funded by the Undersecretary of Defense and over 500 companies (1,500 programs) to uncover how best-in-breed companies innovate better and faster. This talk will radically change the way new products (and services) are developed and launched: a roadmap for companies to survive and thrive in today’s competitive and turbulent times. He will share the insights of the development and commercialization process of 50 of the most successful products ever launched. Learn how technology companies effectively innovate. And, what critical benchmarks and metrics can dramatically improve innovation. You will learn tested strategies to drive successful innovation—and do it faster. There are five Critical Practices that separate the most innovative companies from the rest. Learn what they are, how to do them, and improve your odds of successful innovation by 70%.


Bill Dunn, Managing Partner of Thinking Dimensions USA | Guest Speaker on Thursday, November 2nd

Root Cause Analysis for Today’s World

Bill has spent the majority of his business career overseas managing his own companies and working with organizations on the design and implementation of complex organizational improvement initiatives, before establishing the US office of Thinking Dimensions in 2002.  Bill  worked for Caltex Petroleum in New York; he founded and managed  Target Group Marketing in Belgium and Holland; he was a senior consultant for Fine Spamer Associates in Southern Africa; and he founded and ran his own consulting firm from 1980-2002.  He brings over 30 years of experience at the senior management level across four continents and a wide spectrum of organizations, industries, governmental departments and non-profit organizations.  He received an MBA in 1972 for Wharton School of Business and  graduated in 1969 with a B.A. in Government from the College of William & Mary.

The main area of his expertise  is in the design and implementation of Critical Thinking Skills and processes, Performance Management Systems, Role Clarity, select Executive coaching and leadership development assignments.  His professional experience extends to clients in Europe, Africa and Asia as well as an extensive US network.