2023 Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard

Apr 20, 2023 | Press Releases

RICHMOND, VA – The Virginia Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee (VMAPAC) and Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) released the 2023 Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard.

This year legislators were scored based on 73 VMA priority and defensive priority bills. Scores are determined by the percentage of votes cast in agreement with the VMA’s position on those 73 bills. Those scores are then ranked and graded A through F to reflect each legislator’s voting support of Virginia’s manufacturing competitiveness.

The VMAPAC recognizes all legislators scoring 70% (C Grade) or better with the VMAPAC Legislative Competitiveness Certificate. The top 3 scores in each chamber receive the VMAPAC Industrial Strength Leadership Award, listed below. These awards are not a blanket endorsement of any candidate or political party; rather, they are an honored designation for a legislator at a specific point in time for all manufacturers, retirees, and allies to recognize.

Click here to view the full 2023 Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard. 

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