Government Affairs

The VMA and its experienced full-time staff work to ensure that industry’s legislative and regulatory interests are addressed in a professional and responsible way throughout the year. Staff work with legislative committees and regulatory agencies on a day-to-day basis to keep you informed and up-to-date. We proactively impact all public policies affecting our member companies, including but not limited to economic development, energy, environment, international trade, product liability, public procurement, research and development, right-to-work, solid waste and recycling, taxation, transportation, workforce development and higher education, and workplace safety.

Your Government Affairs Team

Brett Vassey

President & CEO

Kimberly Noonan

Member Services Director

Paige Wernig

Government Affairs Manager

Chase Barnett

Business Relations Director

Liz Williamson

Air Regulation Legal Counsel

Cliona Robb

Energy Legal Counsel

Andrea Wortzel

Water & Solid Waste Regulation Legal Counsel

Brooks Smith

Water & Solid Waste Regulation Legal Counsel

Mike Carlin

Virginia Chemistry Council Advisor

Mindy Carlin

Virginia Chemistry Council Advisor

Emily Reynolds  

Virginia Chemistry Council Advisor

Areas of Expertise

Tax Policy

Facility Security

Workforce Development

Energy Policy


Climate Change

Environmental Regulations


Economic Development

Employment Compensation

Right to Work



Workplace Safety