December 2022 E-News: Reshoring Sets New Record in Q3 2022

by | Dec 22, 2022 | News

Trends Summary

Q3 data is in, and it shows reshoring + FDI job announcements were at the highest rate ever recorded, about 15% above Q1 2022, the previous record. 4Q 2022 looks strong enough to reach a 2022 total of 350,000+ jobs.  Top takeaways:

  • Projected 350k reshoring jobs announced for 2022
  • EV batteries make Electrical Equipment the top industry
  • Private and federal entities are investing in skilled workforce development, one of the top barriers to success
  • With the IRA, Chips Act and Infrastructure Bill, the U.S. Government is finally getting started on an industrial policy. Although, a more comprehensive plan is needed.

Read more at Reshoring Initiative 2022 Q3 Data Report.



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