Press Release: VMAPAC Releases 2024 Manufacturing Competitiveness Legislative Scorecard

May 23, 2024 | Government Affairs, News, Press Releases

May 23, 2024

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VMAPAC Releases 2024 Manufacturing Competitiveness Legislative Scorecard

Announces Industrial Strength Leadership Award and Manufacturing Competitiveness Certificate Recipients

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the Virginia Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee (VMAPAC) and Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) released the 2024 Manufacturing Competitiveness Legislative Scorecard, an annual publication scoring members of the Virginia General Assembly on their votes on high-priority legislation impacting Virginia’s manufacturing competitiveness. The VMAPAC utilizes the scorecard to determine the recipients of their annual legislative awards – the Industrial Strength Leadership Award and the Manufacturing Competitiveness Certificate.

“We are proud to recognize these legislators for their exemplary commitment to Virginia’s manufacturing community,” said Stacie Gordon, VMA Government Affairs Manager. “Thanks to their stalwart leadership and support, the VMA retained our high legislative success rates — defeating 82 percent of bills we opposed and passing half of the bills we supported — promoting competitive and commonsense policies, allowing Virginia to reinforce its position as a national leader in manufacturing. While the robust number of new legislators made this session unique, we are encouraged to have seven new legislators among our award recipients.”

Since 2003, the Industrial Strength Leadership Award has recognized Virginia legislators who demonstrate exceptional support for a pro-manufacturing agenda during the legislative session. This award is given to legislators earning the top three highest scores in each chamber.

Recipients of the 2024 Industrial Strength Leadership Award:

  • Del. Geary Higgins* (HD-30) – 88%
  • Del. Hillary Pugh Kent* (HD-67) – 86%
  • Del. Todd Gilbert (HD-33) – 85%
  • Sen. Bill DeSteph (SD-20) – 81%
  • Sen. Tara Durant (SD-27) – 81%
  • Sen. Chris Head (SD-3) – 81%
  • Sen. John McGuire (SD-10) – 81%

Additionally, the VMAPAC awards the Manufacturing Competitiveness Certificate to legislators who scored 80 percent or higher on the scorecard.

Recipients of the 2024 Manufacturing Competitiveness Certificate:

  • Del. Jed Arnold* (HD-46) – 85%
  • Del. Tommy Wright (HD-50) – 84%
  • Del. Chris Runion (HD-35) – 83%
  • Del. Wendall Walker (HD-52) – 83%
  • Del. Amanda Batten (HD-71) – 82%
  • Del. Buddy Fowler (HD-59) – 82%
  • Del. Will Davis* (HD-39) – 81%
  • Del. Tim Griffin* (HD-53) – 80%
  • Del. Phil Scott (HD-63) – 80%
  • Del. Scott Wyatt (HD-60) – 80%
  • Del. Eric Zehr* (HD-51) – 80%
  • Del. Delores Oates* (HD-31) – 80%
  • Del. Bill Wiley (HD-32) – 80%

* Indicates new members of the Virginia General Assembly

The Virginia Manufacturers Association PAC’s annual Manufacturing Competitiveness Legislative Scorecard grades each member of the Virginia General Assembly on how their votes each legislative session align with the VMA’s position on high-priority legislation impacting Virginia’s manufacturing community. The scorecard uses a 100-point grading scale with all scored priority bills given equal weight, determining recipients of the annual Industrial Strength Leadership Award and Manufacturing Competitiveness Certificate and as a tool for prioritizing political contributions. This method of scoring legislators is not a blanket endorsement of any candidate or political party, but an honored designation to recognize state legislators who demonstrate exceptional support for Virginia’s manufacturing community.

The VMAPAC legislative awards feature Hermes, the ancient Greek god of commerce and trade. In Greek mythology, he was known for leading treaty negotiations, promoting commerce, and guarding travelers’ passage. He was also known for his cunning, knowledge, ingenuity, and creativity—qualities that make a leader.


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